Every day, DJ Entertainment companies like yours miss countless opportunities to grow their yearly bookings with higher quality events.

So whether it’s a bride or corporate events manager, if your website doesn’t match their vision, they will surely look to other entertainment companies who meet their expectations. The truth is, in the world of event entertainment, the company who has the more powerful presentation always gets the first call.


The keyword “DJ”
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How many of those potential gigs do you think you’re missing out on?


Advertising on The Knot and Google AdWords will never produce great results if your website doesn’t have the ability to convince visitors to contact you.

Your company image doesn’t resonate with a selective bridal or corporate event market and it’s costing you valuable opportunities to target a higher level of clientele.

Your website’s key message and visual imagery does not effectively represent your services, value, or industry experience to prospective customers.

Your company’s visibility could be limited because you have an outdated website that does not cater to a modern digital consumer.

What are all of those missed opportunities costing your business?


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We are Artisan Creative, a multimedia and digital marketing agency that builds very effective websites specifically for DJ entertainment companies. We’ve thoroughly researched the market, analyzed countless statistics, and know what it takes to create a winning strategy that differentiates you from all of your competitors, so we know your industry first hand. We will elevate your brand, greatly improve your online presence and help you capture a larger audience.




B-Sharp Entertainment delivers the perfect mix of hit music and fun for the most celebratory events including weddings, corporate events, and social outings. Awarded with highest honors on popular wedding planning sites like The Knot and WeddingWire, as well as a preferred vendor for many event venues, B-Sharp came to Artisan Creative to amp up their reputation with an online presence that perfectly reflects how great they really are.
B-Sharp Entertainment Website

Artisan Creative completely redesigned B-Sharp Entertainment’s website. Booking an event could not get any easier with B-Sharps new mobile-responsive interface. Users are now able to learn more about their services, check open availability, and book an event right from their desktop, mobile or tablet device – something that was once a tedious user experience requiring the user to zoom in and out on smaller devices to access features certain features.

We optimized B-Sharp’s site to reach a larger audience and showcase the unique and fun entertainment services they offer to their customers. Enticing event visuals, as well as clear navigation and information on event packages gives visitors a great first impression and generates more inquiries for the business overall.

If you’re concerned about the performance of your company website and feel it should be doing more for your business, or you are unsure about how to improve your reach to more customers, contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!

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