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New Abilities For A Better Tomorrow

Crystal Springs, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a highly individualized person-centered approach that fosters progress, growth, success and achievement for children and adults living with severe-to-moderate physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities.

The organization was looking to improve their web presence as well as overall brand identity. With complete collaboration from start to finish with key staff members including the CEO and Community Outreach Coordinator, we were able to white board concepts and sketch out a direction pretty quickly. We created a new look that engages and informs prospecting families interested in the facility, as well as a professional appeal to supporting donors that assist in keeping the organization running.

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Logo & Web Design

After creating a simple logo design that encompasses residents’ pursuit of growth, independence, dignity, and choice, we captured these same themes and ideas into their new website.

Due to the outdated state of their previous site, they were in desperate need of a complete website overhaul. As a non-profit organization, Crystal Springs relies on the generosity of outside contributions, so we focused on building a site that would not only inform users, but also attract donors and sponsors. Designed on a WordPress platform, we made sure to develop clear organization and navigation throughout the site to provide invaluable information about their services and expertise.

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Move the slider to view the difference between their old site (left) and their new site (right).

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Crystal Springs Annual Report

For more than 50 years, Crystal Springs has provided a nurturing environment where all feel recognized and valued. Their goal is to empower and support every child and adult in reaching his or her fullest potential and greatest level of independence.

Through their exceptional programs and dedicated staff, they provide specialized educational, therapeutic and residential services to each person living and learning within the Crystal Springs community. Recognizing that all have unique gifts and the desire to achieve and contribute to their world, Crystal Springs embraces each person’s pursuit of growth and independence so that all may reach their true potential.

Crystal Springs releases an annual report distributed to stakeholders and family that highlights the year’s successes and documents the company’s progress. Crystal Springs chooses Artisan Creative each year to translate this data into a visually compelling narrative.

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Crystal Springs enjoys highlighting major success stories of residents during each year, focusing on a key theme each individual has overcome through their journey at the facility.

Due to resident confidentiality, stock photos were substituted in place of the original photos used in the annual report.

Crystal Springs Annual Report Financials
Artisan Creative always does a great job with our Annual Report. Their design team is remarkably talented, creative and have the unique ability to truly understand what your vision is and then take it and create something that not only meets your expectations, but far supersedes them.
Kathleen Lovenbury, CEO, Crystal Springs

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