Project Description

The Leading Source Of Dyes & Paints Since 1969

PRO™ Chemical & Dye is a leading, worldwide supplier of high-quality dyes and textile paints. Offering thousands of products including fabric-specified dyes and paints, resists, instructional books, as well as conducting and hosting creative workshops, PRO™ Chemical provides exemplary customer service to the textile industry as well as crafters and creatives alike.

The Challenge

PRO Chemical & Dye came to us knowing the face of their company looked outdated. Their website was created long ago, along with their logo and product packaging.

With over 80% of their business generated solely through online sales, the owners knew they needed a brand refresh, or were risking falling far behind their competitors.

They turned to us in the hopes of guiding them in a direction that would produce the results they were looking for. They wanted something that would resonate closely with the fun and creative spirit of their customers. Something unique and intriguing, with versatility and continuity throughout all their marketing channels – including packaging, email marketing, social media, and tradeshows. After serious market research, brainstorming, and collaborative meetings with the owners, we created the best strategy and game-changing solutions for their future success.

PRO Chemical & Dye | Old Website
Logo Design

We started the re-brand with a new logo. The old logo was noticeably outdated and after some assessment and focus group evaluations seemed to be confusing for viewers to understand. The new logo’s burst of color brings forth a bright and exciting tone and is used throughout their branding as an iconic characteristic of their company, evoking creativity and the love of the craft. In practicality, the new logo can be broken down to simply typographical for packaging labels and other smaller formats.


PRO Chemical & Dye | Old Logo


PRO Chemical & Dye | New Logo 2016
Web Design

organize & categorize

PRO Chemical & Dye’s website houses over 4,000 products. As part of our strategy, we focused on an enhanced, more streamlined experience for its users. We sat down with the owners to better organize their site in a way that would minimize the amount of searching, as well as click-throughs that were required by a visitor to purchase any given product.

At its most complex hierarchy, users were required to search a combination of product lines and categories in long list on the left sidebar of the website. They were then directed to a page with another list of product families or categories, that would ultimately lead users through to their products. Some product lines contain 100+ color options, causing users to click through almost 3 pages of products to get to a specific color, or jump back and forth from the main color page to purchase more than one color in that product line.

PRO Chemical & Dye | before
PRO Chemical & Dye | Old Website User Experience
A Streamlined Shopping Experience

The website now has a completely new and organized system. Mega-menus contain categorized groups that lead customers exactly to the products they’re looking for. Products with various colors are now easily accessible in one product view window, with the ability to view the entire palette of colors in one product line without having to jump pages to purchase more than one color.

In just a weeks time since the site’s launch, PRO™ Chemical & Dye has seen an increase in orders as well as an increase in average order amounts per customer. The website’s enhanced user-experience has created a social buzz that has gained the company a five-star reputation for customer satisfaction.

PRO Chemical & Dye | New Website User Experience

Graphics and E-Marketing

Monthly Newsletter

iPad PRO Chemical & Dye | Newsletter & Graphics
“Our Company has worked with Ceasar Cabral of Artisan Creative for over a year now. He and his staff have built our website and shopping cart beyond our expectations. Professional service with excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend this Company to anyone looking for their website to be designed.”
Mark Chaves, Co-Owner | PRO Chemical & Dye

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