Tanya Creations Fashion Jewelry


RE-BRANDING TANYA CREATIONS Tanya Creations, Inc., based in Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the largest private-label custom jewelry designers and distributors in the United States, with the ability to design, manufacture, and ship its one-of-a-kind creations to retail customers. The company creates unique, fashion-forward jewelry that reflects the trends and styles on [...]

PRO™ Chemical & Dye


The Leading Source Of Dyes & Paints Since 1969 PRO™ Chemical & Dye is a leading, worldwide supplier of high-quality dyes and textile paints. Offering thousands of products including fabric-specified dyes and paints, resists, instructional books, as well as conducting and hosting creative workshops, PRO™ Chemical provides exemplary customer service to [...]

Raw Irrigation


MAKING IT RAIN SINCE 1998 Raw Irrigation is one of Massachusetts finest irrigation companies. Founded in 1998, the company has been instrumental in establishing top-notch design and installation of lawn sprinklers in Massachusetts. Started as a small company servicing homeowners mostly in Barnstable, Plymouth and Bristol County, the company now services much of [...]

Crystal Springs, Inc.


New Abilities For A Better Tomorrow Crystal Springs, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a highly individualized person-centered approach that fosters progress, growth, success and achievement for children and adults living with severe-to-moderate physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities. The organization was looking to improve their web presence as well [...]

Chamberlain Farm and Pavilion


A historic place. A singular experience. Established in 1969, Chamberlain Farm & Pavilion is one of the oldest and most storied working farms in southern Massachusetts. Native Americans summered there for eons. Early colonists homesteaded there in the 1600s. And the Chamberlain Family has thrived on the land ever since. Located in quaint [...]

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